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So, There’s This Spanner…

You know when you have everything planned and thought out and then the universe goes ahead and throws a spanner in the works, well I believe that has happened to me. In a good way though.

I have had my life planned since I was seven, well my career anyway. That’s 13 years of education and planning and researching all dedicated to becoming a journalist and hopefully an author. For over half my life I’ve been working towards this goal and now I have just under three months left. Continue reading

Remembering Can Change Your Memory

Did you know that our memories aren’t solid?

By that I mean they don’t stay the same over time, we think they do but every time we remember them they change. How strange is that?

I’ve never thought about it before I’ve just always assumed that when a memory is made it stays that way, pristine and untarnished for as long as I remember it.

But an article in Wired discusses a pill that can make you forget a memory (risky stuff) and the science behind it and through the article  it is revealed that when we recall a memory the present moment can restructure it depending in our feelings and knowledge. Continue reading

Is Fiction Influencing Science?

This is an article I did last year for the Magazines and Markets unit of my second year. I finally managed to get this piece of work back from my lecturer yesterday and I was planning on having it in my port folio but then I noticed, underlined quite vigorously, that he said it ‘ is so much worse than what you are capable of.’ Continue reading

Is Community Becoming Myth?

So I read something in Wired, in the Ideas Bank section. The little essay type thing is called ‘It is in our nature to be good citizens‘ and was written by Paul J Zak.

In it he basically talks about an experiment he conducts in the Western world and in Papua New Guinea on some of the most isolated people in the world. Continue reading

What Wired Has Taught Me This Month: 1011

Okay, so I thought I should share with you some of the awesome but random facts my favourite magazine shares with me every month. I’ll be starting off with the October issue first (it’s a monthly magazine and they always release them the month before). Continue reading

My Magazine Collection

Today I started to tidy my room up a bit…and I probably would have finished if I hadn’t found a way to procrastinate. Continue reading