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Any One Book: Dracula by Bram Stoker

This book is amazing. I mean properly amazing, considering it was first published in 1897 it’s pretty remarkable how it has remained relevant to now. Although saying that, we are going through a bit of a vampire revival at the moment (or we’re on the tail-end of one at least). Continue reading

Underworld Awakening

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially a vampire who has a habit of kicking arse and killing her elders. Yes, I speak to you of Selene the death dealer who just didn’t give a damn until the sweet unsuspecting Michael Corvin stumbled into the world of vampires and lycans.

Today I went to see the newest instalment of the Underworld series and despite a suspicion that I might be disappointed I came away satisfied. Sure there was some bad acting on behalf of the new guy, David, and it looked like the inspiration of Subject Two came from The Ring and some of the action was left wanting.

Continue reading

Writing From A While Back.

I’ve decided that today I will share with you some of my writing. I haven’t only just written it, I’ve had for a while. I wrote it while I was at college and shared it with the creative writing group I went to¬†at Wednesday lunchtimes. Continue reading

Vampires Are Really Starting To Piss Me Off.

Okay, so from an earlier post you’ll probably know where I stand on the whole Twilight farce. Continue reading