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A Few Results Here and There

It’s July!

And in true English fashion it’s absolutely tipping it down outside. But I don’t care about it being here as long as it doesn’t interrupt Wimbledon. Which is kind of weird because three years ago I couldn’t stand tennis and now I’m a little gutted that the final is on my birthday and I’m going to miss it! Ah well, at least I’m doing something much more fun than sitting around watching people batting the ball back and forth. Continue reading

Procrastination: The Bane of Life



To defer action; delay: to put off untill another day or time. Continue reading

Which Would You Like to Read?

Right, in about three weeks I’m finishing my final year of university (AHHH SCARY).

But I promised you all my Robert Hardy interview once it has been marked. I should be getting results back on the 16 July (hopefully a very good belated birthday present from the uni) and when I do I will be posting it on here.

But what do you want to see. Do you want the full unedited interview which extends to beyond 4000 words and will most likely come in two parts or the written up profile piece that is hopefully incredibly eloquent and an enormously enjoyable read?

Just a Little Catch Up.

I haven’t really got anything to say, so thought I might just update you on what is happening in general in my life. I’ve only been back at uni for three weeks but it feels like three months. It has been completely hectic and I swear that at some point there was an avalanche of work and I’m still fighting my way through it. Continue reading

My Final Major Project

I was going to make a magazine about independent talent, however after a tutorial with my course leader she encouraged me to reconsider and perhaps make a one-off  Harry Potter magazine (because apparently everybody knows I’m a Harry Potter fanatic).

So I’ve decided that I will. I’ve already decided on a few things, but I need to firmly establish my demographic. For this I have created a survey which can be found here.

If you could take the time out to answer a few questions (which should only take a couple of seconds) I will be forever grateful.

Thank you.

More Uni Stuff To write About

October 7. Not only does it mark the anniversary of Edgar Allen Poe’s death but it also happens to be Roll Around On The Floor Like Lauren Lopez Day.

This I did not be do, instead I was running around like a headless chicken. Continue reading

Third Year Is Terrifying.

So I headed back to uni today, just for an hour and a half long meeting. In which the year was outlined. To me it sounded a lot like misery and hard work. Continue reading

Entering The Big Wide World

At some point this week I will be given my timetable for my next year at university, for my last year. Continue reading