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Free Pussy Riot

Free Pussy Riot Toronto Rally

Free Pussy Riot Toronto Rally (Photo credit: Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla)

Okay, so I get that things are different in Russia. I get that it’s stricter there and that things we couldn’t conceive happening here happen there.

Like being arrested for protesting.

Sure Pussy Riot performed in a church/cathedral wearing balaclavas but when you really get down to the nitty-gritty of it all they were doing was protesting. Everyone has the right to protest, everyone should be able to protest without the fear of being thrown in jail. Continue reading

Can We Sustain Our Capitalist Culture?

Now, I’m one who takes the society I live in for granted. I believe in the work ethic that is ingrained into each and every one of us, that we work hard for our money, we earn it and it is ours. But does the economic crisis sweeping not only Europe but also America not suggest that our capitalist culture is tired?

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One Whole Decade

Today marks the ten year anniversary of one of the worst terrorist attacks in history.

Ten years ago today families were torn apart as nations stood back and watched in horror.

And during these past ten years the world has been striving to become a safer place so that nothing of the sort will happen again, so that families will never have to freshly suffer the same pain that has pulsed through them this past decade.

The horror of the day will always be remembered but I hope, in some way, these last ten years have brought some sort of closure to those who suffered the loss of a loved one.


A Newly Conceived Problem

Okay, this is my first post as part of the Post A day 2011 challenge. I’ll be honest, I have no idea if I’m doing it right but here goes. Continue reading