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Grease is Most Certainly not the Word.

I am about to admit something that I usually get ludicrous looks for and exclamations of surprise.

But I hate Grease.

Grease as in the film, not as in the liquid…although I guess that’s pretty rubbish too. But I can’t stand the film, and not just because I’ve had to put up with people singing ‘Summer Loving’ at me my whole life. Continue reading

Bad News, Twilight Has Finished Filming…..Wait, Did I Just Say Bad?

Finally the sun has dawned, finally the long, long night has been banished and this bane will soon be gone. No longer will we have to be blighted by the three most boring, unemotional and tiresome faces to ever appear together. Continue reading

Harry Potter Versus Twilight.

They're a bit battered, but it means they're well read.

Ok, so I wrote this a couple of years ago so it is a little bit out of date, which is why it says ‘wait for the next Harry Potter film’ at the end. I wrote it for a university assignment and got quite a good mark for it. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading