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If Films Have Taught us Anything it’s to not do this….

Developing robots that can think for themselves. You all know the general myth that’s recycled in films, that one day the machines we created to serve us will instead turn on us and we’d be powerless to stop them. Surely, even though the events are all fictional, there must be some truth in that. Why would something so much more powerful than us want to remain in servitude? Well, they wouldn’t and this should be a lesson observed by all. Robots are not the future and robots are not needed, this I firmly believe. Continue reading

What’s The Deal With 3D

Seriously it’s everywhere. Obviously at the cinema, possibly in your living room and on occasion in your  hands.

Understand the lure of 3D at the cinema, after all Pandora in Avatar was truly resplendent, but The Lion King making it’s comeback to the big screen through this overrated gimmick was pointless. It was drawn in 2D, that’s what made it great and to be perfectly honest it didn’t even look like Disney had done anything to make it 3D.

There is even some debate over Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the fact that nothing really jumped out at you. In that regard all I have to say is that 3D pictures that rely on things jumping from the screen is clumsy, and while I could quite happily watch Harry Potter normally and not feel like I was missing out, I appreciated the depth that was added.

Even though I enjoy the occasional trip to the cinema that results in watching a 3D film I am quite against it being brought into every day life. There is no point in a 3D TV, especially now at the beginning of its development. It’ll just be so shoddy, everything must just look so bad on the small screen and I’m assuming that the TV companies haven’t made the same developments that Nintendo have.

Afterall they have the 3DS a glasses free portable game console and will soon be releasing an update that makes it possible for the user to film 10 minutes worth of 3D video. But the demographic for it is really kids, they’re the ones that nintendo are gunning for and it just seems a little odd that they have that sort of technology in their pockets or bags.

Mind you, if I ever get my hands on a Nintendo 3DS I probably wouldn’t be complaining.

Omnioculars Are Real?

This is one for all the Potterheads out there (like me) and also for all the technology buffs (not like me but I can try to pretend to know what I’m talking about). Continue reading