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The P&O Ensemble

So, it seems the impossible keeps happening. I get an A and Andy Murray does indeed make it to the final of a Grand Slam. I have no idea how he managed it but I’m hoping Federer wins it tomorrow.

Anyway, onto the actual post. On the Tuesday just gone P&O Cruises celebrated their 175th birthday. They decided to mark the occasion by having all seven of their cruise ships (Arcadia, Auroror, Adonia, Ventura, Azura, Oceana and Oriana) come into port in Southampton at the same time and leave port together. This was the first time it has ever happened. Continue reading

Random Day Full of Musical Dogs, Titanic and Books

Yesterday my last ever student grant went into my account (it’s actually called the summer grant, my friends have laughed quite often at this) and I planned to buy tonnes of books, but that didn’t really happen so mum and I sort of had a random day out in Southampton.

I bought my boyfriend a birthday present (it was actually his birthday on Tuesday so I feel pretty guilty that I didn’t have anything for him before now) and then I headed into HMV because I wanted to see if they sold the Game of Thrones book for cheap while I was searching for it my mum found something else. Continue reading

New Issue of Hype

Yay, the new issue of Hype magazine has finally gone live. This is the one that I am deputy editor of. If you have a look through I wrote the article on page 76 and also designed the pages for the Muppets and J Edgar reviews as well as the puppy farming article and a couple of others ūüôā Everyone worked really hard on this and I’m pleased at how it has come together!

Oh, I should probably also mention that my boyfriend wrote the Muppets and J Edgar reviews!

You can find it here:


Let’s Dispel This Myth

The year 2012. A busy year for Britain. The Olympics will take place in the summer and hoards of Olympians shall be converging upon our modest Island as they attempt to claim the top spot on the podium. It also happens to be the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, another day in which the royalists will be packed into the streets of London for a glimpse of her majesty. 2012 also marks one hundred years since the tragic sinking of the Titanic and being at a uni in Southampton that is near the Titanic memorial I have a feeling that there will be quite a subdued atmosphere in the city.¬†¬† Continue reading

Olympic Torch Stops In Southampton.

Like the title says, the Olympic torch was in Southampton today. Right next to the building I have one of my seminars in. I got there with about ten minutes to spare and was so very tempted to risk being late to Ethics just so  could get my photo taken with it. Continue reading

Are We Living Too Fast?

I went up to Southampton today. By car it’s a short¬† journey, but I can’t drive. Continue reading

Laura Stevenson And The Cans

The other night I went to a gig at the Joiners in Southampton. It was pretty good, although the less said about the support bands the better. Continue reading

Gideon’s Demise

A while ago I wrote a review of Gideon’s Demise’s debut album ‘Kiss My Temper’. Continue reading