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Taking Advantage of the Sick, they Should be Ashamed.

Oh dear. Religion is always tricky territory because you have no idea who you might offend and while I don’t dislike all religious people I do dislike the arrogance that seems to align itself with the church.

I’m sure all religious systems attempt to do their best by the people but sometimes I feel it goes a bit too far. It has been discovered that churches throughout Britain have been claiming that they can heal HIV using the power of god, as a result people stop taking their medication and so far six people have died.

One pastor claimed that they have a 100% success rate when it comes to healing HIV (which is basically a pastor standing over the infirm and spraying water in their face while shouting for the devil to abandon the victim’s body) and is adamant that persisting symptoms are merely a sign that the illness is leaving you.

The fact that some people can be so blinded to the harm that they might be causing is astounding. Now I don’t know much about the bible or christianity or religion as a whole but I thought it was an accepted fact that god doesn’t tip his hand, if he were to get involved with the goings on with the world it’s on the sly, so why would he provide powers on demand?

Sometimes I feel like the church is too certain of its supremacy and to claim that they can play god is a bit blasphemous. Their stubbornness is harmful, although I expect that these people involved would say otherwise.

It just annoys me that some people can be so casual about another’s health, I’d say they were naive if they weren’t so good at scamming people (again I stress that I speak only of those individuals and not everyone who follows a religion).


Morrissey Can Now Take on NME.

Don’t tell my mum I said this, but Morrissey is a bit of a prat. She’s like completely in love with him and tries to convince me (and herself) that he’s my dad. His music is averagely average, his attitude towards everything in life is particularly grating and he’s a Labour supporter! Continue reading

Law Dislikes Law.

There has been a lot of furor lately about the phone hacking which has subsequently lead to The News Of The World closing down and quite a few journalists losing their jobs. Although, I think somehow, the Murdochs have managed to get away with it, so far it seems that Rupert Murdoch’s grip is as tight as it ever was around Britain’s media.

Naturally the government has jumped upon this bandwagon and promised many reforms in light of this situation, however not everyone agrees with them. It’s obvious to assume that journalists wouldn’t agree but what about celebrities, surely they’d be in favour of the government’s plans?
Continue reading

Bad News, Twilight Has Finished Filming…..Wait, Did I Just Say Bad?

Finally the sun has dawned, finally the long, long night has been banished and this bane will soon be gone. No longer will we have to be blighted by the three most boring, unemotional and tiresome faces to ever appear together. Continue reading