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Procrastination: The Bane of Life



To defer action; delay: to put off untill another day or time. Continue reading

My Final Major Project

Being in my last year of university this has to be the biggest cause of my stress, yet for once it’s stress that’s enjoyable. My major project is to be made up of 8,000 words worth of articles and, quite naturally since I’m me, I’ve decided to base my magazine around Harry Potter. Continue reading

Harry Potter And The Most Highly Anticipated Email

So…I’ve spoken a lot about Harry Potter, even wrote something about waiting for my Pottermore email. Continue reading

Waiting for Pottermore

As a die-hard PotterheadĀ I jumped upon the chance to get an early access Pottermore account. When J.K Rowling first announced the launch of the website it was exciting and amazing. Just as the film franchise was coming to an end she gave us something else to look forward to. Continue reading