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NME Cool List 2011…Who the Hell?

Every year NME do something called the Cool List. It’s compiled by the journalists and last year it was Laura Marling (totally my favourite singer/songwriter at the moment) who came top, this year however it’s some person called Azealia Banks.

…………Who the hell is she?

I mean she beat people like Jarvis Cocker (who is irredeemably cool in my eyes because of his cameo in Harry Potter), Noel Gallaghar, Dave Grohl, Laura Marling and Florence Welch.

What has she done that’s so cool?

Surely the coolest person in music right now would have surfaced on the radar at some point in the last year. although I guess this is good exposure for her and maybe that’s what they’re trying to achieve with the cool list.

And you never know, after topping the cool list Laura Marling won the BAFTA for best solo female artist, perhaps this Azealia Banks will be the next winner of it.

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