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Belated Review of Nightwish’s Imaginaerum


Imaginaerum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After much umming and ahhing I have found myself listening to Nightwish’s most recent album Imaginaerum (I’m in the mood where I can’t decide what to listen to) and to my shock and horror I realised that I haven’t reviewed it.

So after a quick slap on the wrist (and saving my uni work because I learnt my lesson after losing my minimal progress yesterday) I pulled up my blog and got to it.

Everything from the spelling to the accompanying film screams ambitious. But then Nightwish always have been and after 2007’s Dark Passion Play, the most successful Nightwish album in the U.K and U.S, they had no choice but to carry on being ambitious. Continue reading

Why do People want to Kill Anette Olzon?

Kill Anette Olzon.

Oh no, not my words, never my words. These are actually the words someone searched in whatever search engine to arrive at my blog. Guess what? This isn’t even the first time they’ve cropped up. Continue reading

Tarja Turunen Versus Anette Olzon.

Cover of "Dark Passion Play"

Cover of Dark Passion Play

I hate to go clambering after this old a rickety bandwagon, but I feel that I must. Tarja and Anette, well these two people have one thing in common. They are both associated with Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish and both have caused a divide amongst fans. Continue reading

Blast From The Past

Well yesterday I said I would be listening to Linkin Park Breaking The Habit because of the name of my blog post. Continue reading

Give New Music A Go

I’ve been flicking through quite a few blogs today (yeah…I’ve only just discovered tag surfer) and someone mentioned in a post of theirs that they find it a shame people haven’t really heard of bands from different countries. Continue reading