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Heather Mills at the Leveson Inquiry?

Heather Mills might get involved with the Leveson inquiry. Well, ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for a testimonial that’s nothing but passionate bullshit. Continue reading

This Week has been a Kick in the Groin for the Media.

Considering what’s in the headlines and then considering I’m both a journalist and a massive fan of Harry Potter you don’t need a degree to figure out what I’m going to write about.

Yes that’s right, the Leveson Inquiry. Continue reading

Law Dislikes Law.

There has been a lot of furor lately about the phone hacking which has subsequently lead to The News Of The World closing down and quite a few journalists losing their jobs. Although, I think somehow, the Murdochs have managed to get away with it, so far it seems that Rupert Murdoch’s grip is as tight as it ever was around Britain’s media.

Naturally the government has jumped upon this bandwagon and promised many reforms in light of this situation, however not everyone agrees with them. It’s obvious to assume that journalists wouldn’t agree but what about celebrities, surely they’d be in favour of the government’s plans?
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Guess What’s Back In The Headlines.

Yep, that’s right. The phone hacking scandal. Continue reading