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Musical Nourishment

I realise I’ve been quiet here for a while but I’m back (hopefully). I’m actually starting up a new blog (don’t worry I’ll keep posting here as well).

This one is all about music  because it is one of my biggest passions, and features interviews with bands, I’ve already got one ready to go and I’m waiting on a couple of other interviews too. Anyway, if you love music check it out (pretty please with a cherry on top) and I’m sure you’ll be introduced to something new.

The first post on it was about Molotov Jukebox, the band that I’m in love with at the moment (they favourited my tweet about them on twitter).

Little Fish Paper Club Gift

Little Fish Paper Club gift

So people who have been following my blog for a while might know that I’m a huge fan of Little Fish, the Oxford based band who I firmly believe have a bright future ahead of them. Not only are they talented but they’re exceptionally nice too. Unfortunately the lifestyle of an independent band has taken their toll on them and you might remember my post about Nez the drummer leaving. Continue reading

Belated Review of Nightwish’s Imaginaerum


Imaginaerum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After much umming and ahhing I have found myself listening to Nightwish’s most recent album Imaginaerum (I’m in the mood where I can’t decide what to listen to) and to my shock and horror I realised that I haven’t reviewed it.

So after a quick slap on the wrist (and saving my uni work because I learnt my lesson after losing my minimal progress yesterday) I pulled up my blog and got to it.

Everything from the spelling to the accompanying film screams ambitious. But then Nightwish always have been and after 2007’s Dark Passion Play, the most successful Nightwish album in the U.K and U.S, they had no choice but to carry on being ambitious. Continue reading

Laura Marling in Southampton

Last night was a vast difference from the last time I saw her, mainly because it was at the Guildhall and not at a cathedral with Jane Austin buried nearby (although that was a brilliant gig too).

There’s something about a Laura Marling gig, they’re a lot more relaxing than most and she wouldn’t be out-of-place humming in a dingy little pub although I don’t begrudge her the larger venues because she completely and utterly deserves to grace those stages. Continue reading

The BRIT Awards are Almost here, Will this Year’s Critic’s Choice Live up to the History?

On 21 February the BRIT awards will be taking place again. You might remember last year when Adele gave her first performance of Someone Like You, you know, the one that had everyone captivated and started her along the road of extraordinary success that she’s enjoyed this past year.

There’s one award that we know the result of before the ceremony airs on TV and that’s the Critic’s Choice Award. It has a habit of choosing the next big thing in British music. I mean look at its history: Florence and the Machine, Adele, Jessie J and Ellie Goulding (actually to be fair I’m not a fan of the last one).

Continue reading

Addicted to Christina Perri

Yes, that might sound weird but whenever I discover an artist that I really like the sound of, it is usually a good few days before I listen to anything else. The latest collection of songs to be added to my iTunes library is Christina Perri’s album Lovestrong.

I am a music geek, well a geek in the sense that I always have to have some on. A bus journey rarely goes by without some sort of soundtrack, when I’m reading I like to have a musical accompaniment, when I’m walking my iPod is always on blaring out whatever song had caught my fancy and when I’m writing I find music a wonderful source of motivation and inspiration. There was a time in my life when I wanted so resolutely to be a music journalist that the revelation that I’d much prefer writing about science and technology was a shock. However if the latter doesn’t work out I will happily aim for the former with a passion that has yet to be subdued. Continue reading

Take That Need to Take a Look at Themselves

Last night I had the misfortune of catching Take That on TV. While I don’t usually mind them I have to say it all looked rather self indulgent.
It was a concert put on TV and the point from which I tuned in they were all standing on what looked like a giant chess board, had dancers manically jumping about while Jason and the other one who isn’t Mark, Gary or Robbie taking part in some sort dance off to prove who is better.
It’s a bit odd for two tiny people surrounded by an arena full of people, most of whom wouldn’t be able to see, to be concerned only with each other.
And then when they decided to do some of their old stuff instead of playing to the audience they were really talking amongst themselves.
And while they’re playing to themselves there’s this big structure of a man who starts off sitting down and gradually moves about. But looking at it, while the band clamber upon it in the light-up jackets, you can’t help but think how much it cost. What is the point in wasting your money on such an extravagant piece of junk?
Just because by the end if the show it stood god knows how high doesn’t make it a good investment.
I’m all for a good show, I love pyrotechnics and gimmicks, but there’s a limit. It almost seemed as if they did it for themselves rather than their audience.
I hope next time they decide to put on a show they throw their money at something more worthwhile instead.

NME Cool List 2011…Who the Hell?

Every year NME do something called the Cool List. It’s compiled by the journalists and last year it was Laura Marling (totally my favourite singer/songwriter at the moment) who came top, this year however it’s some person called Azealia Banks.

…………Who the hell is she?

I mean she beat people like Jarvis Cocker (who is irredeemably cool in my eyes because of his cameo in Harry Potter), Noel Gallaghar, Dave Grohl, Laura Marling and Florence Welch.

What has she done that’s so cool?

Surely the coolest person in music right now would have surfaced on the radar at some point in the last year. although I guess this is good exposure for her and maybe that’s what they’re trying to achieve with the cool list.

And you never know, after topping the cool list Laura Marling won the BAFTA for best solo female artist, perhaps this Azealia Banks will be the next winner of it.

Westlife Are Splitting Up *cheers*

I can hardly contain my excitement. I know it’s mean to celebrate the fact that a band are splitting up, but with the amount of years I’ve had to put up with their generic, superficial and generally shitty music I feel I’m justified. Continue reading

Call Upon The Author: The Bottletop Band

Another review I have written has been put up on Call Upon The Author today. The Bottletop Band made for an interesting listen because it’s a charity collaboration.

Quite a few famous names, from Eliza Doolittle to VV Brown, pop up. I quite enjoyed it and was very impressed by it. usually I find charity releases unbearably cheesy, yet this has managed to steer clear of such a label. If you’re interested you can check out the review here.