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BRB Just Nipping to Hogwarts

I am currently on the coach up to London (listening to a couple of songs by the Chemical Brothers from the Hanna soundtrack).

I’ve been up since half four and oh my god I’m knackered already. I feel like joining all the people that are asleep in the land of nod. There’s someone snoring behind me.

It’s kind of funny though because my mum is listening to music and every time she speaks to me she forgets to pause it and shouts instead, I don’t think the other passengers will be all that happy with her by the time we reach our destination.

Oh also, yesterday I got a Mockingjay pin (my boyfriend bought it for me) and it’s awesome. I pinned it to my bag, hopefully it dowan’t look too geeky, but hey I’ve been known to dress up like Professor Trelawny….

Anyway, I hope you will all have a good day and keep an eye out on twitter, I’ll keep you updated if I can work out this befuddling piece of tech (hey would you look at that a wannabe science and technology journalist who doesn’t know how to use technology!)



Confessions of an Almost Hunger Games-a-holic

I am on the verge of a Hunger Games obsession.

It has nothing to do with whose playing the guys in the film (I’m not that shallow) it’s just that I so cannot wait for the film to be released this Friday that I’m actually tempted to reread the trilogy….yes the same trilogy that I started and finished in late January/early February. Continue reading