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High Street Dissertation Survey


I’m afraid I need help again.

I am currently working on my dissertation (which means I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this Masters) and I need to get as many respondents to my survey as possible.

I’m researching the corporate reputation of the UK High Street and focusing on three case studies, and I basically want to know what you, the consumers, feel about them.

Now, unfortunately, because it’s based on the UK High Street only people living in the UK can answer as they (hopefully) visit often.

So, below you will find the link to my survey (if you have the time to answer can you make sure every question has been answered, people have had trouble submitting and I believe it’s because a question has been missed) and only do it once! So if you happen to get the link to this a second time please disregard!

Here’s the link:


Finally, one last plea, I need as many responses as possible, so if you could reblog this or send the link to family and friends or share it on Twitter or Facebook I would be forever grateful for your help!


Breaking my Silence and a Tough Decision

Again I must apologise for not being around. Things have been hectic with the internship, which I absolutely love, and the masters, which I’m starting to get the hang of. In fact, I had my first hand in for that this week, and have two more hand ins due in the next fortnight. In fact that’s what I’ve been spending my weekends doing, which has contributed to the quietness and tumbleweed spreading through Any One Thing.

I have several things to chat with you guys about, the Leveson report has just come out which gave predictable results, you bet I’ve got some opinions on that.

Last Thursday I graduated, it was an amazing day. A lot better than I expected. I’ll post some photos and go into more detail about it.

Also, I owe you an Any One Book, unfortunately I am still only halfway through Frankenstein but as soon as I am done I will give you that review.

Which leads me to my tough decision. It has taken a lot of thinking and self-convincing but I have decided to suspend Any One Book.

It’s been going for over a year and  I absolutely love it, but have no time to manage a book a month. Like I said earlier I will give you the Frankenstein review when I’m done and any book that I do read I will upload a review.

I will pick it up again though, once my studies are done, so worry not Any One Book will not be forgotten.

Anyway, how are you all? Can you believe it’s December tomorrow? This year has gone by so quickly.