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Little Fish Paper Club Gift

Little Fish Paper Club gift

So people who have been following my blog for a while might know that I’m a huge fan of Little Fish, the Oxford based band who I firmly believe have a bright future ahead of them. Not only are they talented but they’re exceptionally nice too. Unfortunately the lifestyle of an independent band has taken their toll on them and you might remember my post about Nez the drummer leaving. Continue reading

So Very Awesome.

This isn’t really about anything. Just another post to point out how awesome Little Fish are! I emailed Juju yesterday asking for help with my major project and I woke up to a reply this morning that said yes. Not only that but she’s also willing to help put me in touch with Miranda Ward (the person helping them release a book) for an interview as well.

The band is just so very awesome!

Sorry State

Ladies and Gentlemen and fellow fans of Little Fish. Today I must break to you some sad news. Continue reading

Little Fish Are So Cool.

I love them. I think I’ve mentioned that before but oh well. Continue reading

Little Fish- Wonderful

I should probably start this post by saying I am a massive fan of Little Fish ever since I heard of them last year, since then I’ve had the fortune to meet and interview them. They’re debut album, Baffled & Beat, is something I never tire of and so is their Fish Bowl EP. Continue reading