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Addicted to Christina Perri

Yes, that might sound weird but whenever I discover an artist that I really like the sound of, it is usually a good few days before I listen to anything else. The latest collection of songs to be added to my iTunes library is Christina Perri’s album Lovestrong.

I am a music geek, well a geek in the sense that I always have to have some on. A bus journey rarely goes by without some sort of soundtrack, when I’m reading I like to have a musical accompaniment, when I’m walking my iPod is always on blaring out whatever song had caught my fancy and when I’m writing I find music a wonderful source of motivation and inspiration. There was a time in my life when I wanted so resolutely to be a music journalist that the revelation that I’d much prefer writing about science and technology was a shock. However if the latter doesn’t work out I will happily aim for the former with a passion that has yet to be subdued. Continue reading

Laura Marling at Winchester Cathedral

Yesterday I only managed to give you a small blog post, which I hated, I wanted to give more depth to it, but was unable to as I needed to leave otherwise I would miss my train to Winchester. If you hadn’t guessed from the title, Laura Marling was playing there.

Now, even though Gosport is charming and peaceful it has one tiny downside which might be its biggest claim to fame. It just so happens to be the largest town in England without a train station. It’s a bit of a pain in the arse if you’re running late because you have to rely on the ferry and I’m never quite sure if there’s one or two running. Continue reading

Laura Marling: Maida Vale Session

Laura Marling has recorded an intimate live session at Maida Vale studios for BBC Radio 2 on Jo Whiley’s show. The show will be broadcast from 8pm BST. If you’re interested you can catch it here later.

Laura Marling- A Creature I Don’t Know.

Yes, I’ve got it and no I didn’t expect to get it until next month.

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Laura Marling

I’m really into music, one of the most exciting things I get through the post is an envelope full of CDs to review for Call Upon The Author. Continue reading