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End of the Year

Today is the last day of the year which also means it’s the last of the postaday2011 posts, and I thought what better way to Mark this occasion than summing up the year month by month. Continue reading

Just a Quick Post!

Excellent, my first set of deadlines are out of the way, and I celebrated by traveling to Bournemouth to see Lacuna Coil.

As much as I love ethics the feature that was due today has been the bane of my life for the last couple of days, I’m quite happy for the next few days to remain ethics free while I rest my mind.

Lacuna Coil, however, I can never tire of. Their energy is inexhaustible, yet they have an uncanny ability to always perform in the south when Children in Need is on. seriously don’t remember the last time I watched it.

But still I’m not going to complain, I’d much rather be stuck in an intimate venue bumped and jostled by complete strangers than to be made to feel guilty about the fact that I ave no money to spare for the charity night.

Anyway, while the band’s energy might be inexhaustible but mine is not and as such I’m completely ad utterly shattered, so forgive me for this brief post.

Just a Little Catch Up.

I haven’t really got anything to say, so thought I might just update you on what is happening in general in my life. I’ve only been back at uni for three weeks but it feels like three months. It has been completely hectic and I swear that at some point there was an avalanche of work and I’m still fighting my way through it. Continue reading

Blast From The Past

Well yesterday I said I would be listening to Linkin Park Breaking The Habit because of the name of my blog post. Continue reading

Give New Music A Go

I’ve been flicking through quite a few blogs today (yeah…I’ve only just discovered tag surfer) and someone mentioned in a post of theirs that they find it a shame people haven’t really heard of bands from different countries. Continue reading