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So, There’s This Spanner…

You know when you have everything planned and thought out and then the universe goes ahead and throws a spanner in the works, well I believe that has happened to me. In a good way though.

I have had my life planned since I was seven, well my career anyway. That’s 13 years of education and planning and researching all dedicated to becoming a journalist and hopefully an author. For over half my life I’ve been working towards this goal and now I have just under three months left. Continue reading

My Final Major Project

Being in my last year of university this has to be the biggest cause of my stress, yet for once it’s stress that’s enjoyable. My major project is to be made up of 8,000 words worth of articles and, quite naturally since I’m me, I’ve decided to base my magazine around Harry Potter. Continue reading

Ethics Is Strangely Interesting

So I started uni again on Tuesday 12-5 so not bad hours. Although three of them are dedicated to Ethics and the Magazine Journalist….and two of them are a two hour break (living at home means I just have to hang around). Well actually….myback home is only every hour so I might get out at five but I have to hang around for an hour waiting for my bus. Continue reading

Entering The Big Wide World

At some point this week I will be given my timetable for my next year at university, for my last year. Continue reading