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The P&O Ensemble

So, it seems the impossible keeps happening. I get an A and Andy Murray does indeed make it to the final of a Grand Slam. I have no idea how he managed it but I’m hoping Federer wins it tomorrow.

Anyway, onto the actual post. On the Tuesday just gone P&O Cruises celebrated their 175th birthday. They decided to mark the occasion by having all seven of their cruise ships (Arcadia, Auroror, Adonia, Ventura, Azura, Oceana and Oriana) come into port in Southampton at the same time and leave port together. This was the first time it has ever happened. Continue reading

I Would Just Like to Say Thank You

Well I would just like to say a massive thank you to Becky from Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic. Not only has she taken the time to spam…I mean contact her blogging friends to help me out with my major project (on that note I would also like to thank Two Bullets Five Zombies and Novel Journeys for answering her call, it’s much appreciated!) but she’s also gone and nominated me for the Candle Lighter Award because I’m one of the best at lighting candles….maybe.   Continue reading

100th Ramble.

This marks my 1ooth post (sorry for all the spamming over the past couple of months) but I thought there was no better way to celebrate it than photos of fireworks. Continue reading

Small Towns Are Often Boring.

I live in a town called Gosport…well technically it’s a peninsula. Continue reading