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Any One Book: A Dance with Dragons 2: After the Feast by George R.R. Martin

Despite the very real possibility of having to wait several years before the next instalment comes out, I am glad to finally get this book done with.

As you may know from previous posts I’ve been unhappy with the last book and a half, it felt as if martin had lost his way, but the second half of book five has set him upon the path of redemption. The writing was excellent and there was much more development with the story, even if he is starting to introduce way too many points of view. Continue reading

Any One Book #16

Once again I must apologise for being late and having to skip the vote, but oh well, at least there will be a book for this month!

I’ve chosen George R.R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons 2: After the Feast. I’ve decided I want to get this final hurdle out of the way. I have, at the moment, a bit of an up down relationship with these books. The first three were amazing, absolutely mind-blowing, but then along came the fourth which was just terrible and the beginning of the fifth was boring. Continue reading

A Dance With Dragons 1: Dreams and Dust by George R. R. Martin


What has happened to this series. It used to wonderful and thrilling and full of adventure but now it’s almost dull and boring and full of food. You know, Mr Martin, if words really are wind then I’m afraid this dreary book of yours will be blown away rather easily.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the series, but when you compare Game of Thrones to this one you’ll find there is no comparison. It’s like trying to compare Harry Potter and Twilight, books and eBooks, Blondie’s One Way or Another and One Direction’s version. Continue reading

Words Are Wind

I have a lot of favourite quotes, some come from Harry potter (what a surprise), some from people in general and while the Song of Ice and Fire series has given me more to add to that list I have to say I despise the quote written above.

For some reason George R.R. Martin is obsessed with it as if it has some deep meaning that he alone has discovered. Which is very annoying, because it’s superficial. It suggests that he doesn’t understand the power of words which is incredibly stupid because he’s an author. Continue reading

Any One Book #8

I know I usually do this on the third of every month but I’m going to be busy tomorrow and who knows when I’ll get a chance.

It has been a difficult choice this month. I’ve bought so many books recently that I’m spoiled for choice. What to choose, what to choose? Continue reading

All Was Well….Sort of

Yes, yes, yes, that is another Harry Potter reference in the title, but hey it’s justified, after all I did hand in my Harry Potter major project today. About 70 pages of Harry Potter goodnesss.

The deadline isn’t actually until tomorrow, and I’m a little disappointed that I handed it in early because not only does May 2 mark the 14th anniversary of the final battle and the death of Voldemort but Mugglenet have also decided it’s going to be international Harry Potter day on their site, it would have been so apt to vanquish this beast of a project on said day. However given that I have plenty of other hand ins (another one tomorrow) in the next couple of weeks I’m actually very relieved to have it done and dusted.

Anyway, I finished Game of Thrones too (not sure which one is the biggest achievement) but oh my god it’s such a beautifully written book and I can’t wait to carry on with the rest of the series. When I opened it I saw that it had maps at the front and actually said ‘oh good, books with maps in are usually brilliant.’ (of course that doesn’t actually include atlases)

I’ve already moved onto Clash of Kings which is already proving to be rather fantastic. Anyway, must dash, got some more features to write!

Procrastination: The Bane of Life



To defer action; delay: to put off untill another day or time. Continue reading

Random Day Full of Musical Dogs, Titanic and Books

Yesterday my last ever student grant went into my account (it’s actually called the summer grant, my friends have laughed quite often at this) and I planned to buy tonnes of books, but that didn’t really happen so mum and I sort of had a random day out in Southampton.

I bought my boyfriend a birthday present (it was actually his birthday on Tuesday so I feel pretty guilty that I didn’t have anything for him before now) and then I headed into HMV because I wanted to see if they sold the Game of Thrones book for cheap while I was searching for it my mum found something else. Continue reading