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Heya guys! I know I’ve been sort of quite lately, but I’ve been sort of busy with this and that (this being job searching and that being writing my book).

However, amidst the this and that I have started writing for WeekendNotes and I review a few things in London for them (at my own discretion). I don’t live in London, but I go there a lot and figured that I’d have a lot to write anyway.

So you can read what I have if you want, you can find it here. My first article published was one which I included in my Major Project so expect it to be full of Harry Potter goodness! I would also be incredibly grateful if you could subscribe to my articles on there as well. Please…..with  cherry on top.

Anyway I have a few blogs that I want to write so hopefully I won’t be quiet for much longer!

Bye Bye Jonny

Sad news for rugby fans. Jonny Wilkinson has retired from international rugby. This news comes after a turbulent time for the England team, a time that has seen Martin Johnson resign, the team itself has come under severe scrutiny for the way they conducted themselves in New Zealand.

Although he suffered a difficult time in the World Cup this year, missing quite a fe drop kicks and conversions, he remained steadfast in keeping the team together. Without him I’m sure the team would have crumbled a lot quicker.

Despite often courting with injury he still has an amazing record and can be found at number two on the all-times-list, second only to phenomenal New Zealand player Dan Carter.

I know my friend will miss him from international rugby. She’s obsessed with the sport and a little bit obsessed with him. It’s a shame that whatever sporting venture our country takes on, if we don’t win there’s always a scandal to be had once they get home.

100th Ramble.

This marks my 1ooth post (sorry for all the spamming over the past couple of months) but I thought there was no better way to celebrate it than photos of fireworks. Continue reading

Laura Marling at Winchester Cathedral

Yesterday I only managed to give you a small blog post, which I hated, I wanted to give more depth to it, but was unable to as I needed to leave otherwise I would miss my train to Winchester. If you hadn’t guessed from the title, Laura Marling was playing there.

Now, even though Gosport is charming and peaceful it has one tiny downside which might be its biggest claim to fame. It just so happens to be the largest town in England without a train station. It’s a bit of a pain in the arse if you’re running late because you have to rely on the ferry and I’m never quite sure if there’s one or two running. Continue reading

Olympic Torch Stops In Southampton.

Like the title says, the Olympic torch was in Southampton today. Right next to the building I have one of my seminars in. I got there with about ten minutes to spare and was so very tempted to risk being late to Ethics just so  could get my photo taken with it. Continue reading

No More World Cup.

Once again I find myself in a position of not knowing what to say. There really hasn’t been anything exciting to talk about, the only thing that comes to mind is te fact that England were knocked out of the World Cup today. Continue reading