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A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Broken Review

Yay, Elena is back!

It doesn’t matter how amazing Paige and Eve were there is just no replacing the awesomeness that is the unique, witty werewolf and her socially inept and clueless partner.

Yet this time forget rogue werewolves and humans that think they can harness the supernatural for their own gain. This time Elena, Clay and the rest of the pack have to deal with Jack the Ripper.

Elena is asked to steal Ripper’s ‘From Hell’ letter from a guy who stole it from the British Police files, yet in doing so the feisty she-wolf unwittingly opens a portal to Victorian London. Continue reading

Kelley Armstrong- The End is Nigh for the Women of the Otherworld

The Women of the Otherworld collection...I think I leant Industrial Magic to someone though.

Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian author and she is responsible for the best-selling Women of the Otherworld series. She has a few others a well but this one is 13 books strong with one more set for release next year. As such I’ve followed the story for a very long time and will be sad to see such a great┬áplot with so many colourful character end. Continue reading