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Any One Book #8

I know I usually do this on the third of every month but I’m going to be busy tomorrow and who knows when I’ll get a chance.

It has been a difficult choice this month. I’ve bought so many books recently that I’m spoiled for choice. What to choose, what to choose? Continue reading

Robert Hardy: A Far Nicer Man than Fudge

At six this evening I picked up the phone and dialled a number. On the other end was Robert Hardy. A clock near wherever he was sitting chimed away every quarter of an hour.

50 minutes later, after a conversation full of C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, his time on the Harry Potter set and an impression of Alfonso Cuaron I was hanging up.   Continue reading

My Magazine Collection

Today I started to tidy my room up a bit…and I probably would have finished if I hadn’t found a way to procrastinate. Continue reading