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Call Upon The Author: Cassettes Won’t Listen

I recently reviewed Cassettes Won’t Listen’s most recent album Evinspacey for Call Upon The Author, it was a pretty enjoyable listen and each track even if it’s not in my usual taste.

If you’re a fan of synths and music that’s a bit quirky I’d definitely recommend it to you. The album was originally called Kevinspacey, however its namesake wasn’t best pleased so took action against it. As usual, if you’re interested in the full review, you can read it here.

Call Upon The Author: The Bottletop Band

Another review I have written has been put up on Call Upon The Author today. The Bottletop Band made for an interesting listen because it’s a charity collaboration.

Quite a few famous names, from Eliza Doolittle to VV Brown, pop up. I quite enjoyed it and was very impressed by it. usually I find charity releases unbearably cheesy, yet this has managed to steer clear of such a label. If you’re interested you can check out the review here.

Rams’ Pocket Radio

Call Upon The Author have posted another review of mine about an EP from Rams’ Pocket Radio.

He’s not particularly my cup of tea but there’s still some decent music to be found on it. To start with it sounds jumbled and unorganised but that’s not to its detriment, it’s mess but there’s a beauty to the haphazard structure.

As usual I’ve gone into more detail in the actual review which you can read here.


Gideon’s Demise

A while ago I wrote a review of Gideon’s Demise’s debut album ‘Kiss My Temper’. Continue reading