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….Or National Novel Writing Month, whichever you prefer. It starts this Friday and I’m actually, finally, going to be taking part.

Every year for the past few years I kept saying ‘oh yeah, I’m going to do NaNoWriMo this year’ and then never actually got round to signing up. But this year I’ve actually done it and I’m eagerly anticipating 1 November. I made the decision a while ago (I would have told you sooner but I’ve been doing work experience at Celador Radio, which owns Jack FM and The Breeze) kind of on a whim.  Continue reading

Yesterday I Met My Hero

Not many people get to say that. Not many people have the honour of being in their hero’s presence and not many people get to exchange words with them.

But let me start from the beginning.

As you know from my post yesterday and probably the news that J.K. Rowling had a new book come out and she celebrated it at the Southbank Centre in London with a hoard of 900 fans. She spent the day itself on a plane coming down from Edinburgh and watched Men in Black 3 with her Husband and eldest daughter.

Continue reading

Words Are Wind

I have a lot of favourite quotes, some come from Harry potter (what a surprise), some from people in general and while the Song of Ice and Fire series has given me more to add to that list I have to say I despise the quote written above.

For some reason George R.R. Martin is obsessed with it as if it has some deep meaning that he alone has discovered. Which is very annoying, because it’s superficial. It suggests that he doesn’t understand the power of words which is incredibly stupid because he’s an author. Continue reading


Heya guys! I know I’ve been sort of quite lately, but I’ve been sort of busy with this and that (this being job searching and that being writing my book).

However, amidst the this and that I have started writing for WeekendNotes and I review a few things in London for them (at my own discretion). I don’t live in London, but I go there a lot and figured that I’d have a lot to write anyway.

So you can read what I have if you want, you can find it here. My first article published was one which I included in my Major Project so expect it to be full of Harry Potter goodness! I would also be incredibly grateful if you could subscribe to my articles on there as well. Please…..with  cherry on top.

Anyway I have a few blogs that I want to write so hopefully I won’t be quiet for much longer!

A Word From the Minister

Late last night I was given my overall results for my degree, which means I can give to you that Robert Hardy interview I’ve been promising for a while.

He was absolutely brilliant, such an interesting man with a lot to say and I will be forever grateful that an acting star such as himself took the time out of his day to help a journalism student with their work.

A fair warning though, it’s a bit long.

Anyway, without further ado here it is: Continue reading

Yay More Work Handed in

Ahhh, I believe I’ve finished another assignment *huge sigh of relief*. Much thanks the H.E. Ellis and Michael Cargill who were both very helpful, definitely couldn’t have done it without both of you. Just three more hand ins and one exam to go!

 Also, I’ve decided I want to go to some sort of literary festival. I know, I know. Someone of my age should be wanting to go to a music festival like Glastonbury or download but to be honest mainstream music is actually awful and rock has been growing steadily uninteresting for years. I mean Chase and Status have been confirmed for Download they’re so far from rock it’s ridiculous.

Guess I should start researching literary festivals though, the only ones I know of are in Edinburgh and Chicago and considering I live on the South coast of England both are quite far away.

So, There’s This Spanner…

You know when you have everything planned and thought out and then the universe goes ahead and throws a spanner in the works, well I believe that has happened to me. In a good way though.

I have had my life planned since I was seven, well my career anyway. That’s 13 years of education and planning and researching all dedicated to becoming a journalist and hopefully an author. For over half my life I’ve been working towards this goal and now I have just under three months left. Continue reading

Adapting the Merchant’s Tale

I remember a few years ago in college one of my English teachers set us the task of taking a section from the Merchant’s tale and adapting it to a genre. I was given fantasy (or in reality I took fantasy), I wrote it up and had to read it out in class and I won the competition. Unfortunately I have since lost that piece for which I’m gutted. I’ve been searching for it and hopefully I’ll find it. But I thought it might be cool to adapt the whole story, you know, for fun. So Section by section I shall post the story until it’s complete along with the original. I’ll aim to do this every week if I remember.

But for now, here’s the first part: Continue reading

New Issue of Hype

Yay, the new issue of Hype magazine has finally gone live. This is the one that I am deputy editor of. If you have a look through I wrote the article on page 76 and also designed the pages for the Muppets and J Edgar reviews as well as the puppy farming article and a couple of others 🙂 Everyone worked really hard on this and I’m pleased at how it has come together!

Oh, I should probably also mention that my boyfriend wrote the Muppets and J Edgar reviews!

You can find it here:

A New Challenge for the Upcoming New Year.

I do hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas. Today I decided, after looking at Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic, that I’m going to take part in the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge. As a fan of the Gilmore Girls it immediately caught my eye and after reading through the blog post I became convinced to take part. Although, I’m not sure how to keep you updated, I might make a page and cross titles out as I read them, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I’ve always wanted to read the classics but I’ve never really managed to get round to it and this gives me the perfect incentive as quite a few appear on the list.

I have no idea how long the challenge will take but I look forward to seeing my bookcase gradually fill up with these great names and it also gives me an excuse to buy all those nicely bound books that have turned up in Waterstone’s (I was given the collected works of Oscar Wilde for Christmas)

So you can look forward to seeing Jane Austin and Edgar Allen Poe turning up in the monthly Any One Book.