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Channel 4, Why Are You So Rubbish?

Paralympic Movement flag

Paralympic Movement flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been addicted to and absolutely loved the Olympics and it is an affair that has kept on going with the Paralympics. The events for the latter have been astonishing and Ellie Simmonds is my new hero. The sport has been tense and thrilling, Team GB inspiring and each gold medal moment is a moment etched in history.

I love it, I love the fact that I’ve been watching sports I don’t usually, during the Olympics I was an avid follower of the Taekwondo, the dressage and the show jumping, at the moment I love the swimming, wheelchair basketball and the visually impaired football. Continue reading


Bye Bye Jonny

Sad news for rugby fans. Jonny Wilkinson has retired from international rugby. This news comes after a turbulent time for the England team, a time that has seen Martin Johnson resign, the team itself has come under severe scrutiny for the way they conducted themselves in New Zealand.

Although he suffered a difficult time in the World Cup this year, missing quite a fe drop kicks and conversions, he remained steadfast in keeping the team together. Without him I’m sure the team would have crumbled a lot quicker.

Despite often courting with injury he still has an amazing record and can be found at number two on the all-times-list, second only to phenomenal New Zealand player Dan Carter.

I know my friend will miss him from international rugby. She’s obsessed with the sport and a little bit obsessed with him. It’s a shame that whatever sporting venture our country takes on, if we don’t win there’s always a scandal to be had once they get home.

The Poppy Appeal Versus the Football Association.

A paper poppy, worn in the United Kingdom from...

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This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday. As such poppies have been adorned as a symbol of respect for all those lost in conflict. People on the street, old and young, have their poppy perched proudly on their coats, vehicles go past on the roads with a giant poppy attached to the front and this past weekend footballers in the premier league had poppies stitched into their kits.

In a bid to take this respect one step further the Football Association composed a letter to FIFA asking that the England squad be allowed to play with poppies on their shirts during its friendly match against Spain this coming Saturday. Continue reading

No More World Cup.

Once again I find myself in a position of not knowing what to say. There really hasn’t been anything exciting to talk about, the only thing that comes to mind is te fact that England were knocked out of the World Cup today. Continue reading