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Great Britain’s Great Year

union jack

union jack (Photo credit: NapaneeGal)

I am loving this year. With the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee as well as our deluded hopes for Eurovision tomorrow it really is a great time to be living in this country. Everywhere I go the Union Jack is proudly displayed, reminiscent of the Royal Wedding last year.

The Olympic Torch is touring the country with much fanfare and celebration following it about. Our hopes are high and despite the horrid logo and terrible mascots everyone is finally getting into the Olympic spirit. Continue reading

A Prince in Hospital.

There are two sleeps left until Christmas but on this day the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, finds himself in hospital. Earlier today he suffered chest pains and having turned 90 in June has said it is ‘better safe than sorry.’

The Duke will be undergoing ‘precautionary tests’ and at the moment there’s a chance that he might have to stay the night at the hospital. Continue reading

Primogeniture A Thing of the Past?

A couple of years ago Gordon Brown (also know as the man with the exceptionally wobbly jaw) put into motion a breakthrough that the Conservatives are carrying on with. As a rule I hate Labour, except that this is actually something I agree with and I’m pleased that our current government have picked it up again. Continue reading

I Like The Royal Family.

One thing that tends to annoy me quite a bit is that the royal family gets a lot of criticism. I wouldn’t mind it so much if most of the people I encounter with that view-point actually had all the facts and had therefore made an informed decision. Continue reading