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The Politicians With Their Debut Album Lies, Debt and Broken Promises

Well, that sounds like a bitter album title, but it’s not meant to be. I was trying to think of a name that they could use and this seemed appropriate.

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Free Pussy Riot

Free Pussy Riot Toronto Rally

Free Pussy Riot Toronto Rally (Photo credit: Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla)

Okay, so I get that things are different in Russia. I get that it’s stricter there and that things we couldn’t conceive happening here happen there.

Like being arrested for protesting.

Sure Pussy Riot performed in a church/cathedral wearing balaclavas but when you really get down to the nitty-gritty of it all they were doing was protesting. Everyone has the right to protest, everyone should be able to protest without the fear of being thrown in jail. Continue reading

O-Level to GCSE to O-Level Again

So the Education Secretary Michael Gove is planning to get rid of GCSEs and reinstate the O-levels and CSEs which means harder exams and less coursework.

I voted for the Conservatives in the election, I don’t regret it but while I did my GCSEs five years ago that doesn’t stop me from being pretty annoyed by this move.

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Syrian Violence is Getting Out of Hand

Do you know what I don’t understand?

Syria, or to be more accurate the needless violence. I don’t understand what drives a man to slaughter his own people, you know the ones that any government official is supposed to protect. I mean could you imagine David Cameron turning around in a few months time and ordering the army to terrorise us with endless showers of shells or determined sniper bullets? I don’t understand why Bashar al-Assad is doing it.

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Books, Banner and Reviews

It has been an eventful few days, sort of. I’d like to start of by saying thank you to Chattingwithspirit from the Hand in Hand With Spirit blog for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger and Versatile Blogger awards, however I am ashamed to say that I have encountered the same problem from my first Versatile Blogger nomination, which is that I still do not read enough blogs to be able to pass it on. I am in the process of correcting this though. Continue reading

VAT from Popuar Single to go to Charities

First off, I handed in my last assignment of the year today, huzzah! Secondly I’ve decided that I want the Ace of Cakes/Charm City Cakes people to make me a Hogwarts cake for my 21st next year. I mean look at it….I’m assuming that they might not deliver to England though

Picture taken from Leaky Cauldron


The Prime Minister has a Sense of Humour.

Tension and stress must have been following David Cameron around this past week. After all it can’t be an easy thing being one man standing up against the whole of Europe as they carry on trying to dig themselves out of the hole they first started digging in 1958. I’m a bit of a Eurosceptic by the way. Continue reading

Everyone has the Right to Protest and no one has the Right to Rebel.

Everyone has the right to protest and no one has the right to rebel.

This was an angle I recently pursued for my article for ethics. This is a view where I must admit defeat. For when I was writing this I traversed a narrow path that dealt only with issues in Britain, after all compared to many other countries life is just peachy here. Continue reading

Explain the Difference Between Socialism, Communism and Anarchy.‏

If this prompt had popped into my email a few weeks ago I would have been thoroughly scratching my head and doing my best Neanderthal impression.

Now however, I’m less like a Neanderthal and more like a slightly bemused child not being able to comprehend how my nose managed to get from my face into some random person’s hands. Continue reading

What Would the Currency be Called if you had your own Country?

This is a Daily Post prompt that I at first ignored because I thought it was all about currency, and to be honest watching the news and reading articles online it’s hard to deny that the declining economy is everywhere.

But after an enlightening read over at Hand in Hand With Spirit about this very same prompt it came to my attention that the brief had a tiny bit more attached to it, hence the title. Continue reading