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Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Invasion of the TearlingThis is the sequel to the absolutely amazing Queen of the Tearling and continues to follow the Glynn Queen Kelsea Raleigh. It carries on from not long after the end of the previous book and Kelsea must face the consequences of her actions against the Mort.

The writing remains brilliant and it’s great to be with these characters again. There’s a drastic turn in the story that provides some Tearling history and introduces a new character and some context to the story, however it feels like Kelsea is forgotten in favour of this new person.

In the first books Kelsea took up her place on the Tearling throne and decided not to leave it too long before causing some controversy. Due to her mother’s actions two decades earlier the Tearling were forced into sending a caravan of people to be slaves in the Mort, when Kelsea first saw this (having been raised in the country under a different name to keep her safe) she set everyone free and decreed they would never again condemn anyone to this fate again. Continue reading