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Invasion of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Invasion of the TearlingThis is the sequel to the absolutely amazing Queen of the Tearling and continues to follow the Glynn Queen Kelsea Raleigh. It carries on from not long after the end of the previous book and Kelsea must face the consequences of her actions against the Mort.

The writing remains brilliant and it’s great to be with these characters again. There’s a drastic turn in the story that provides some Tearling history and introduces a new character and some context to the story, however it feels like Kelsea is forgotten in favour of this new person.

In the first books Kelsea took up her place on the Tearling throne and decided not to leave it too long before causing some controversy. Due to her mother’s actions two decades earlier the Tearling were forced into sending a caravan of people to be slaves in the Mort, when Kelsea first saw this (having been raised in the country under a different name to keep her safe) she set everyone free and decreed they would never again condemn anyone to this fate again. Continue reading


Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Go Set a Watchman

There are spoilers ahead so please read with caution.

I went into this worried. I think most people will.

Before the book even came out the media were all over it and pointing the finger at Atticus. The man held so high, the man who inspired lawyers and had children named after him, the man who gave a cause even more traction was being brought low. His legacy was being threatened.

It is important to remembers that Go Set a Watchman is not a sequel. Yes, scout is 26, Atticus is older too and events have transpired as the characters move on with their lives. It was written before To Kill a Mockingbird but it’s not a prequel either. What is it?

It’s a first draft. Continue reading

The Catalyst by Helena Coggan

Brilliant premise with a lot of potential but some messy writing and a messy end, amazing for a 15-year-old.

Helena Coggan is probably so damn sick of people referring to her age. Almost every review I’ve read has brought it up so I’m sorry to be joining that club. But, this book has a complex plot and a wide variety of characters with very different personalities and the first draft was written when Coggan was 13. I was never this insightful or perceptive at 13. Continue reading

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

A wonderful fantasy story set in the heart of London, revealing a side of it we never knew existed.

Rivers of London follows Constable Peter Grant as he passes his probationary period at the metropolitan police and is taken on in by a different department; Economic and Specialist Crime. It all started with the murder of William Skirmish on the steps of St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden. He was standing guard over the crime scene when a witness appeared, a witness who happened to be dead. Continue reading