Any One Book #18


I’ve actually managed to get a lot of reading done this past month, it makes a nice change. I think the long journeys up to Birmingham were particularly helpful.

Anyway, my point is I have quite a few reviews to post, but before that I thought it best to crack on with this month’s Any One Book.

I’ve decided that the books for this year will come from the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge, fortunately I own more than enough of the books on the list to continue throughout 2014.

The gist of the challenge is to read all the books that Rory Gilmore (from the Gilmore Girls) has said that she’s read. Believe me, it’s quite extensive.

Any one who’s friends with me on Goodreads can probably guess which book I’ve chosen. It’s a pretty well known one and I can’t really call myself an avid reader if I have yet to actually read this one.

It’s pretty much a dystopian classic and fair to say that it’s become
ingrained in our society. I actually started Nineteen Eighty-Four a few days ago and I have to say I’m pretty much hooked, but thought it best to let you all know before I finished it.

I’ve heard some mixed reviews about it, some people have recommended it saying that it’s fantastic but others have said that the writing is really difficult to process and hard to enjoy.

Thankfully I don’t actually know how this book pans out, I’ve been lucky enough to stay away from spoilers but I do have an inkling of how things might end up.

I look forward to carrying on with it, and hope to discuss it all with you later this month!


One response to “Any One Book #18

  • lidiyakirilova1990

    1984 is one of the books I have in my to-read list (to be honest it’s not one of the priority books but still it is on the list). I’ll be very interested to see how you go with it and read your review. Looking forward to it!

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