The Rising by Kelley Armstrong

Yes, it’s the final instalment of the Darkness Rising books, meaning Kelley Armstrong has tied off the last of the stories set in the Women of the Otherworld universe. Funnily enough I didn’t realise this book was coming out until the day of its release, which marked a quick dash from work to the nearest Waterstones before it closed for the day, and lead to  my nose eagerly pressed against the pages as I re-aquainted myself with Maya and her group of fugitives.

As a character, I love Maya. I think she has a good story arc and grows with each book. she has a sense of humour and, as you would expect from Armstrong, isn’t defenceless. She’s sometimes a little too confident but this is something she knows about herself and starts to overcome as her story comes to a close.

The book kept the trademark sense of humour and the difficult choices that all her characters have to make to mark their transition into maturity. It is also more complex than good vs bad, there is an appearance from Sean Nast that suddenly puts the Nasts in a better light and the long-awaited return of Chloe, Derek and their little ensemble finally comes to pass.

Before that though, Maya, Daniel and Corey find themselves on the run in Vancouver, missing their friends who have all been captured by the Nasts. Maya has trouble with her ‘shifting’ and Corey finally discovers which formerly extinct powers he was gifted with.

Despite their desire to run, run and keep on running they realise they cannot continue that lifestyle. Instead they make a tough choice which leads to a conclusion that doesn’t have me convinced that this was the last we’ll see of them.

As much as I love these characters it was nice to read about Chloe again, even if she and her friends were barely there. The story was gripping and it was clever of Armstrong to finish both Maya and Chloe’s tale in one fell swoop. However, as I mentioned before, it feels as if more of this story will be written a few years from now. While Armstrong is a good writer I feel that when it comes to finishing her series she needs a stronger finish, and some of her twists were not as jaw-dropping as they have been in the past. Some aspects felt rushed, as if conceived late but were too good to give up.

Still, it’s a strong book and it was enjoyable to watch Maya matures more as the situation went on. All Armstrong fans should read this, especially if you loved the Otherworld books. The characters are easy to love and the fact that there’s a glimmer of more to come (although, who knows if that’s true) makes it even more exciting.

Don’t forget, if you want more from Kelley Armstrong she has two or three more books coming out this year!


3 responses to “The Rising by Kelley Armstrong

  • beckyday6

    Hey, so I skipped most of your review because I haven’t read The Gathering yet, I’m behind! But I’m sure it was a good one.

    I can’t wait to indulge in a serious Kelley Armstrong fest, I have so many of her Otherworld series to read, I’ve only read Bitten. I’m thinking I might read Stolen during the 24 Hour Readathon I’m taking part in. 🙂 I’ve already labelled her a favourite author even though I’ve only read four of her books!

    • Summer Grant

      A Kelley Armstrong marathon is the way to go! What’s this 24 hour readathon?

      You should read the Gathering, it’s pretty good, not as good as the Otherworld series mind you.

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