Monthly Archives: April 2013

A Dance With Dragons 1: Dreams and Dust by George R. R. Martin


What has happened to this series. It used to wonderful and thrilling and full of adventure but now it’s almost dull and boring and full of food. You know, Mr Martin, if words really are wind then I’m afraid this dreary book of yours will be blown away rather easily.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the series, but when you compare Game of Thrones to this one you’ll find there is no comparison. It’s like trying to compare Harry Potter and Twilight, books and eBooks, Blondie’s One Way or Another and One Direction’s version. Continue reading

Wool by Hugh Howey

One day, I went into Waterstone’s. Having missed my bus and needing to pass an hour until the next one turned up (as well as needing to take my mind off a seminar I had to give the next day), I wandered innocently into the store anticipating the usual glance over.

I found my way to my usual hangout, the science fiction/fantasy shelves (I fail to see why they’re mixed together, they’re completely different genres) and the orange and black book cover instantly caught my attention. It seemed so enigmatic, there was no clue as to what it was about except the title Wool, and judging by the blurb there were no sheep in it. Continue reading

The Rising by Kelley Armstrong

Yes, it’s the final instalment of the Darkness Rising books, meaning Kelley Armstrong has tied off the last of the stories set in the Women of the Otherworld universe. Funnily enough I didn’t realise this book was coming out until the day of its release, which marked a quick dash from work to the nearest Waterstones before it closed for the day, and lead to  my nose eagerly pressed against the pages as I re-aquainted myself with Maya and her group of fugitives. Continue reading