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HMV Survey for my Essay

Here comes some begging, maybe a hint of grovelling with just a dash of desperate pleading.

I am writing an essay, and I’m sure all of you know that means research (insert sad face), which is a massive pain in anyone’s side.

As you may have guessed my essay is about HMV (at least it’s not something dreadfully dull) and so is the survey.

So far I have around 30% of the amount of responses I’m aiming for and I would really appreciate it if you could take the survey, it’s only ten questions and shouldn’t take too long.

I have no incentives to offer, but I do have emotional blackmail, mwa hahahahaha. If you take the survey you will make this horrid academic year slightly more bearable, just think of those charity adverts with the tigers or the donkeys and imagine a voice over narrating my story (which is basically masters is hard) and instead of having to give money all you have to do is answer the survey.

You will forever have my gratitude, just click in the link and I’ll never bother you with another survey, well at least not until it’s dissertation time:

Thank you!


The Story of King Arthur and his Knights

I bought this book because BBC 1 gave me the most depressing Christmas Eve ever. It was the last ever episode of Merlin and the writers decided to stick true to the legends of King Arthur, which was both amazing and saddening.

It left me with a craving for more of the legendary tales and magical moments that make the Arthurian myth so captivating.

I’ve always loved myths and I’ve always had a particular fascination with the courteous King Arthur, his gallant knights and the world famous Round Table, but I have never read any of the multitude of stories. I have always relied upon popular culture.

So, one day I was perusing Amazon, looking at the Barnes and Noble classic collection when I stumbled across Howard Pyle’s version of events. When it finally arrived my excitement was bubbling over and as soon as I realised it was written in an older version of the English language I knew it was going to be amazing. So, in tribute to a fantastic reading experience I aim to emulate the language for the rest of this blog post (please forgive me if I use some words in the wrong context).

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