The Politicians With Their Debut Album Lies, Debt and Broken Promises

Well, that sounds like a bitter album title, but it’s not meant to be. I was trying to think of a name that they could use and this seemed appropriate.

I have an idea. A good idea if I do say so myself, hugely inspired by the Nick Clegg song that has been released on iTunes. He agreed to it on the condition that all proceeds go to a Children’s Hospital charity in Sheffield. It came from his apology on tuition fees (personally if they’re apologising for that then the Lib Dems need to apologise for all of their policies since all of them stem from the fantasy land where you can eat rainbows and all crime has been utterly obliterated).

So I think that government and possibly the shadow cabinet should make some sort of group, even bigger than The So Solid Crew if you can believe it, and make a single. If the oh so incompetent Nick Clegg can accidentally make one then why can’t the coalition make a hit on purpose?

I mean, everyone loves music, and everyone loves ridiculing politicians so it’s a bit of a win win. Or maybe they can even form two groups where they bitch about each other in amusing lyrics, it’s basically what they do as their day job anyway! If people are willingly spending money voting for X factor contestants then why not buy these albums and singles, because the best part is, drum roll please, all proceeds will go towards plugging that deficit.

Better than all the cuts and squabbling. I mean there was cross party support in naming a clock tower at the Houses of Parliament the Queen Elizabeth clock tower yet they can’t be bothered to find anything to agree on about actually saving the country.

They could have songs like:

  1. My Right Honourable Friend
  2. Cuts Cuts Cuts
  3. Double Dip
  4. NHS Stress
  5. We’re All In This Together
  6. Every Day I’m Reshuffling
  7. Moves Like Johnson
  8. Scandalous
  9. Unemployment Line
  10. David Cameron Had a Cabinet (ee i ee i oh)
  11. Every Day I’m Reshuffling (Extended Mix)

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