Any One Book #12

Yes, it is September 3rd at that means it is time to answer the question on everyone’s lips.

What is the book for this month?

Well, as usual I am spoiled for choice. There is much on my bookcase that remains unread. There is book five of The Song of Ice and Fire series, Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility still remains and has been joined by Alice in Wonderland, The Odyssey, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and Interview With a Vampire.

There are many begging for attention, yet sometimes attention wonders to what you do not have. So, if you’ve taken note of the month and paid even the slightest bit of attention to any of my blogs you will already know which book I have chosen.

It’s a first, in that I do not actually have the book yet, but I travelled up to Waterstone’s on Saturday and preordered it. The day it comes out my friend and I will be popping back in to pick our long-awaited books up and then I’ll be hopping on a coach up to London to attend an event held by the author.

It doesn’t come out for 24 days, but I’m confident I can get through it quickly.

So yes, for Any One Book #12 I will be reading The Casual Vacancy, and counting down the days until J.K. Rowling returns to book stores with a brand new tale!


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