A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Thirteen Review

‘Anything you thought you knew about our world? Forget it. Someone has tossed out the rulebook. Ghosts can cross the divide. Hell-hounds can manifest. Demi-demons can possess living children…It’s not going to get any better until it’s over’


It’s over. I mean 13 books and a whole load of short stories and it’s done. The Women of the Otherworld have averted disaster for a whole decade and now we shall see no more of them, or at least not as much as we’re used to. And the best part? well that’s easy. It saw Kelley Armstrong return to her best.

I mean, if you asked me two books ago if I thought Savannah deserved her place amongst the elite I would have snorted derisively and said very eloquently ‘hell no’ and definitely wouldn’t admit that one of her books could ever rank high up in the list of best Otherworld books.

But I guess that is the power of the last book and I guess that is evidence to the genius of Armstrong. It was one big character development, it took three books but Savannah grew up and proved that she belonged with Elena, Paige, Eve, Jaime and Hope. She shed her arrogance, her elitism and her superiority complex and actually came to appreciate the mortal way of doing things.

Yet she was not the only focus. Armstrong decided to dedicate at least one chapter for all the other narrators (except Robyn) and this was a really nice touch. It was a definite sign that this was the end, the last tale to be told. They all got their chance to bow out before the end.

I have no desire to spoil this for other people so I’m not going to go into too much depth. But at times it was easy to be happy for Savannah and at others sad. She has become so much more relatable and the fact that she was not the one saving the day every single time made it all the better. The fact that everyone was there fighting against this threat made it special.

The twists and the wit came back, the gore did too. Her storytelling coming back to it’s best. Armstrong did her best to make it an emotional ride, even before the story started. she included a foreword and she doesn’t usually write those, she dedicated it to everyone who had read the series both the ones who had been with her from the beginning and those who had only picked it up recently. Then, as a nod to where it all started, she included the prologue to Bitten with everyone’s favourite werewolf.

Not to forget the short story after the main event. It was Elena, as it should be, and it was a really fitting way to end it. Almost a happily ever after sort of ending. Not that it would last long in the Otherworld, something is always going to break the peace.

This was truly one explosive, funny and breathtaking finale. Even though it was the last book we still learnt so much about the world we have spent years in. Even though we’ve been a apart of it for a long time, there were still surprises to be had. And some of the descriptions were amazing.

Savannah’s quote at the top of this page is apt, everything we knew about this world has to be completely disregarded when entering this instalment. Armstrong has flouted the rules she has created and caused an imbalance within the Otherworld that is difficult to correct. But it makes for one hell of a story.

Fans of the series will not be disappointed with the way it ends. It signals all the best of Armstrong. She has put her all into this end and it’s worked. There’s even a hint, directly from Kelly Armstrong, that this might not be the end.

But for now a fond farewell Elena, Paige, Eve, Jaime, Hope, Savannah, Clay, Jeremy, Nick, Antonio, Lucas, Kristoff, Benicio, Karl, Adam, Kate, Logan, Reese, Morgan and Noah.


3 responses to “A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Thirteen Review

  • beckyday6

    ( I didn’t read most of this as to avoid spoilers sorry) But – you finished it! WOOO! I hope it met all you hopes/expectations, and if not that it succeeded them! 🙂

    • Summer Grant

      Haha, I didn’t actually reveal anything about the plot for this book! But your avoiding skills are to be commended! It exceeded them! I was cautious about it because I had been disappointed with Waking the Witch and Spell Bound, but she really pulled out all the stops!

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