Let the Bells Ring Out for Christmas…No Wait, I Meant the Olympics

The Olympics are so close, so very close.

There are only three days left until the opening ceremony, and in not-so-British fashion everything seems to be running along smoothly (excluding that slight security issue of course, but that’s sorted now) and in a very British fashion everyone is  moaning about it.

The traffic caused by the arrival of the Olympians, people adamant that the Olympics will not do them any good, the whole debacle about advertising and complaints about the Olympic torch.

Now there’s something else to the long list of british complaints. At 8.12 in the morning bells up and down the UK will be ringing outto herald the arrival of the Games. Yes, that’s right you grumpy sods, you are going to be woken up early by the peals of happy, ringing bells saying hello to the greatest sporting event in the world, and you’re just going to have to deal with it.

I mean if I had a bell I’d ring along.

Let’s deal with those other things now, shall we? Of course there’s going to be traffic, there’s always traffic, it’s London. If there wasn’t any traffic in London it’d probably be some sort of zombie apocalypse , in which case get out of there the Olympics have been cancelled!

The Olympics will do us good! Not only are people from all over the world going to be here to watch cheer on their country but the Prime Minster already has plans for the Olympic Village, I’ve been hearing about it for a while. He plans to start some sort of tech city, a place for new businesses that will take advantage of the virtual world, our very own version of Silicon Valley.  At least that’s what I’ve heard.

Then there’s the Olympic torch. You know, I bumped into an acquaintance (I use it for want of a better word) and she was having a big old moan about the event at Southsea when the torch came to visit. she even had the gall to say ‘I mean c’mon nobody was there to see the torch, they were all the to see Rizzlekicks.’

Did my ears deceive me? Did she actually say that? Of course she did, she’s an entirely superficial person who puts more stock in somewhat famous people than an historic event that she is never likely to see again. But that’s my basic message to all the people out there who moan about the torch.

Shut up and enjoy it, it’ll be gone soon and you’ll never have to see it again.

It’s not just a symbol of the games it’s, and please forgive my sentimental attitude here, something that is bringing this country together. That time I was standing with a bunch of people I didn’t know was pretty cool. We were all talking to each other about the excitement of it all and then people came out of my block of flats that I didn’t even know lived there. I mean, we’re neighbours and we don’t even know it.

So I’m thankful for that sense of community that came with the torch. Yes it’s a shame that it went as soon as the torch was out of sight but at least it was there for those couple of hours.

Bring on the Olympics I say!

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