A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Spell Bound Review

A major improvement on it predecessor Spell Bound sees Savannah return, powerless but more mature than ever before. it is also the first time in which the entire supernatural world has been threatened.

It’s fast-paced, over flowing with danger and the mystery becomes deeper and deeper. without her powers Savannah has no idea who she is. She has always been defined by her supernatural self, she has always been proud to be more than human. People flock to her because she is the daughter of Eve Levine and Kristoff Nast (black witch and sorcerer respectively). She has always had her powers to fall back on, not only to protect herself but also her friends.
Yet, now that has found herself without them she is determined to be anything but the damsel in distress, but it doesn’t really help that she’s separated from the people who can protect her and has a whole host of people looking to do her a mischief.

Somehow she digs deep and finds a strength that has nothing to with her powers and this, along with her new found concern for other people, has really seen her  grow as a character.

Although this book is an improvement on the one before it, there is still much to be desired. It lacks the oomph that the series had at the beginning, that addictive quality that makes it a page turner the brilliance that makes the narrator more than a character, it makes them a friend.  But the story is so much better, Savannah has become much more endearing even if she’s still a little insufferable, most of the other narrators are lingering about and Adam is there.

Adam is perhaps the person most responsible for putting Savannah in a good light. With him she’s more relaxed, she makes more jokes and her feelings for him make her seem human. I’m not usually into all the sappy sort of stuff, but in this case it dulls the sharp edges that Savannah has honed over the years, making her more accessible.

There are a few surprises along the way, moments where you really fear for people’s lives. And why wouldn’t you? The series is almost at an end, all the characters are disposable now. Any single one of them can die.

*SPOILERS* It has been apparent for a long while that the supernatural world was going to face something big, actually something huge. But never did I suspect that supernaturals themselves might be behind it. Gathered together because of some sort of prophecy. There is a sense of danger in this book that is more prominent than in all the other books. There’s a taste that the end really is nigh.

The scare at the hotel was a demonstration of just how determined the bad guys are but thankfully Clay came along and saved the day. Not that he could do the same at the end when Adam and Savannah feared for each others lives. The aftermath of the explosion was full of confusion. You could feel Savannah’s panic as she searched for everyone caught up in it, her desperation to find them safe. It was actually a moving ordeal and if that’s the emotion Armstrong can entice in the penultimate book god knows what she can achieve with the last one. *SPOILERS OVER*

Spell Bound was much more enjoyable than Waking the Witch, Savannah became the character I expected at first. She also gathered around her all of her friends, which means ladies and gentlemen, that it seems each character is where they need to be, all pieces have been moved into place.

The end is coming and it’s going to be spectacular.




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