Avenue Q and Olympic Torch

Ok so I’m pretty late it this but ahhh well!

I went to see Avenue Q last week on Friday 13th (wasn’t that unlucky I have to say). I was given tickets by my boyfriend for my birthday and the show was absolutely awesome! It’s controversial and tackles everything from porn to racism, there’s a gay character who has trouble accepting himself, there’s even a scene similar to that infamous Team America one.

It is absolutely hilarious and I have much admiration for the actors, or should I say puppeteers? Not only do they have to run around stage making the puppets come to life with individual personalities and different voices (by the way I should probably say the actors voice more than one puppet) but they actually act too. They make themselves part of the show, they’re not just random people in the background but an extension of the puppets. Which itself is praise considering puppets are usually the extension of the person.

The Bad Ideas Bears and Trekkie Monster were the most amusing characters, but that doesn’t mean the other characters were terrible, in fact they were all amazing and I have to say some of them have some really questionable names….especially the Kindergarten teacher….

Any who, I really want to see it again, but the tour is almost over and it’s not coming anywhere down here again. Guess I shall just have to suffice with the soundtrack when I finally get it.

Then on Sunday 15th the Olympic torch went right past my flat!!!! I have a video but I can’t embed it and it’s not really worth putting on Youtube just to put on here. My mum was in charge of taking photos but she was distracted by the press sitting on the back of one of the entourage vehicles so kind of basically missed the torch….but she did get photos of all the coaches that went past and when we went to Southsea I managed to get a photo with the torch.

Yes, I am wearing a Team GB t-shirt

And here’s the Olympic procession actually going down my road…..

My flat all dressed up

The Coca Cola coach

The Samsung coach

The Lloyds TSB coach

Outside the flat

My street has never been so busy!

The atmosphere was amazing. All day my mum and I were looking out of the window making sure it was getting too packed. From about two, people had started marching down to the town centre in droves but our street remained clear. That was until about fourish, we looked out the window and there were people sitting just to our right in chairs, so we hurried out and took our places at the roadside. We chatted merrily away with complete strangers, a man with an inflatable torch pretended to be the torch bearer and ran a little way down the street. The police cars and the police on motorbikes were stopping and having fun with the kids, one boy was blowing his whistle and a police car replied with a honk, this went on for a while and was entertaining.

One of the police runners came with the Olympic mascot and high fived people on his way past and then as the coach with the remaining torch bearers went past and when they saw we were taking photos and filming they got really excited and started waving enthusiastically.

My mum even got to high five one of the Coke people!

It was a very fun day and I still can’t believe that the Olympic Torch actually came through Gosport. I can’t wait for the games to start in seven days.


6 responses to “Avenue Q and Olympic Torch

  • beckyday6

    You got a picture with it? That’s so awesome! I didn’t get a picture with it *grumblegrumble* πŸ˜›

  • chattingwithspirit

    A friend of mine was in Southampton when the torch went through and she said the atmosphere was fantastic too! How lovely to see a piccy of you too … so nice to be able to put a face to a blog πŸ™‚
    Avenue Q sounds really interesting … shame I missed it:( ….. another friend went up to London to see War Horse where they use puppets – she said if it came down to The Mayflower we must not miss it – highly recommened!

    • Summer Grant

      I’m glad she enjoyed it, it really is a rare thing! Did you manage to see it? Ahhh, I don’t usually like pctures of me so don;t post them unless it’s something really exciting, like the torch haha πŸ™‚

      It really is, but it’s quite rude at points. But it was sort of refreshsing because usually everything is so pc but the people who wrote it took the risk!

      Ah yeah, I’ve heard thatits meant to be really good, it’ll be so cool if it comes to the Mayflower πŸ™‚

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