Colorado Shooting

I want to pay my respects to the 12 people killed in Colorado this morning at the midnight screening of the new Batman film. I’ve been watching it on the news all day and it was such a disgusting act of violence that it’s almost incomprehensible that someone could conceive such a plan and carry it through.

The witness accounts are absolutely horrendous, talk of all that blood and the bodies and the utter fear of being under fire. The fact that a child as young as three months old makes it really hit home how ruthless the shooter is.

How did he come to be in possession of so many weapons? What sort of sick person decides to open fire in a cinema?

At least he has been arrested now, and hopefully he won’t be able to hurt anyone else, he won’t be able to devastate anymore lives. I have confidence that the police there will be able to un-booby trap his flat

My thoughts are with the friends and family of all the victims, and I hope the survivors make a full recovery.


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