A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Frostbitten Review

As you can tell from the title, Frostbitten, this is another Elena book. I actually found this quite clever, it’s almost as if it has come full circle. From Bitten to Frostbitten Elena has been entertaining us and it makes a statement too, one that I wanted to ignore.

This is the last Elena book. Her story is now complete, and to be perfectly honest after reading through it you can see why.

By the time this book came out I had read The Summoning and enjoyed the fact that Armstrong was crossing over the Darkest Powers trilogy with Frostbitten, although it’s not directly done. I think perhaps, in a way, it was a sort of passing of the baton. Elena has always been her leading lady, the original woman of the Otherworld, the one with the most books and now that flame has been passes onto Chloe Saunders (who I’m almost certain is going to be the centre of attention again soon, because that trilogy didn’t have any closure).

Elena and Clay head over to Anchorage in Alaska in order to stop a spate of murders that are almost certainly mutt related, but they stumble upon something that they could never have imagined. Trapped in a frozen wilderness, far away from home and their children the pair must face a very real and very dangerous challenge.

I’ve mentioned in my other posts that the mind-set Armstrong has these characters in is interesting, it makes for great reading and even though we’ve followed this character before we learn something new. Elena has a lot to worry about, she’s left her children behind and they’re very, very troublesome, Clay’s right arm never gained full strength after the zombie attack in Broken and he sometime’s forgets he’s not at full health, *SPOILERS* then there’s the fact that Jeremy has named her his successor as Alpha and that he’ll start training her to take over the role and not forgetting the letter she received from one of her foster ‘fathers’ apologising for inappropriately taking advantage of her.

She has a lot on her ming and you can certainly tell, she lets an inexperienced mutt escape from her and throughout the novel it’s obvious that these things are playing on her mind. Alaska s not fun place for Elena, almost drowning in a freezing river, chasing after a mutt that refuses to be helped, discovering an ancient heritage, rape being threatened (which is particularly effecting considering all the memories that had been dredged up by that letter) by some guy before he threatens to kill her afterwards. All in all it’s a pretty eventful and nightmarish experience for her.

Another great thing in this book, which I hadn’t thought about but it’s pretty necessary, is the pack getting a much needed member boost. Considering their numbers had been severely depleted since Bitten this is very welcome news. We don’t want our favourite family to die out. *SPOILERS OVER*

This is an action packed, mystery filled gem of a book. It’s a wonderful relief after a couple of not so amazing instalments and when a book is about Elena and Clay it almost feels like returning home. They started it all and it’s always a nice feeling to return to them over the course of the series.

The relationship between them is as strong as it always has been, despite them having to work through some things together, and this plot is intriguingly clever. If this is really the last Elena novel then I’m glad her story ended with a bang.

5 responses to “A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Frostbitten Review

  • beckyday6

    It crosses over with The Summoning? Cool! I probably won’t even remember when I get around to reading it haha. Ohh well, it will probably be an excuse to reread the Darkest Powers 😉

    • Summer Grant

      I think so, it’s one of those books at least and it’s nothing major but still sort of clever. Haha, I need to reread them as well, it’s been a while. But I didn’t enjoy them as much because it was a bit open ended! Also, I’m getting ound to replying to you other comments! I’ve been a bit busy sorry!

      • beckyday6

        Haha that’s alright no worries! I’m a patient person 😉 I’ve been commenting quite sporadically as well because I’ve only been reading bits and pieces to avoid spoilers. Have you got 13 yet? I can’t remember what the exact date was for it coming out.

    • Summer Grant

      Haha, I’ve been trying my hardest not to spoil anything but it’s really difficult because they don’t seem like spoilers to me haha! 😛 Hope I haven’t ruined too much for you. It comes out on the 24th so I should get it a couple of days afterwards (I preordered it on amazon) Also I have realised that these reviews will end a day earlier than I thought so I think I’ll include the men of the otherworld book as well!

      • beckyday6

        Haha nope you haven’t spoiled anything, you’ve done a good job of warning about the spoilers 🙂 Ahh cool, not long to wait now then!

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