A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Living With the Dead Review

Living With the Dead does indeed introduce us to a new narrator but what special powers does Robyn Peltier have? Is she one of those aloof vampires? Perhaps she’s another half-demon? Or she could be a witch like Paige or maybe a necromancer? A clairvoyant?

Well, actually it’s none of the above. She’s human. She’s powerless and ignorant of the supernatural world around her yet she still manages to get tangled up in its complicated web. Her new boss has been murdered and she finds herself to be the prime suspect.

Thankfully being best friends with Hope Adams has is advantages. The half demon is determined to clear Robyn’s name but in doing so she must introduce the human to a world she was far better off not knowing existed.

I’m afraid to say I really don’t remember much of this book at all. It has been such a long time since I read it and even the blurb isn’t jogging my memory. But considering this book has more than one narrator, actually more than two, and isn’t in first person I think I would have been slightly disappointed.

The best thing about all the previous books (excluding personal demon) is that you get to know them, and this is mainly due to the fact tat they narrate through first person and no one else encroaches on the story with their point of view. But if I’m honest, from what I remember and from the amount of narrator’s I saw when I flicked through the book, this one seems kind of messy. Not to mention the fact that in the grand scheme of things I’m not entirely sure where Robyn fits in.

Although it was a nice touch to have the main character be a human. As readers of this series we’re so used to it being all about the extraordinary that it comes as a bit of a surprise when Armstrong included someone ordinary. It makes for a fresh point of view, and perhaps we can relate to Robyn. Imagine what it would be like if one day we found out there was a whole supernatural world around us. It would be completely exciting but at the same time everyone would seem all the more dangerous.

I don’t have much else to say, other than it must be a good book because the only instalment in this series which has disappointed me was Waking the Witch, but then I suppose if I have forgotten it then it might not be as good as the others.


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