A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Personal Demon Review

Personal Demon sees Hope adams, the chaos-demon who worked with Jaime in the previous novel, basking in her own adventure. She’s a tabloid journalist (luckily being in Miami she’s not going to be called to the Leveson Inquiry anytime soon) who struggles with her fondness for chaos….although that might be the demon part of her.

It’s a hit she needs like a drug addict needs crack yet she’s determined to use her twisted powers for good. Most of the time she helps out the interracial council (the council made of different supernatural leaders in order to keep everyone in order), but when Benicio Cortez (Lucas’ mischievous father) dangles a juicy chaos-tasting morsel in front of her she cannot resist.

So she ends up infiltrating of young supernaturals, as you do. This novel also marks the first dual-narrated story in the series as Hope shares the limelight with Lucas.

I really enjoyed this book, I found Hope to be an entertaining character and while it was odd she shared the main spot with Lucas it’s nice to see someone else’s point of view. I often wonder what Clay thinks when Elena goes off on her adventures.


At first it seems like it’s going to be a straightforward case, she get sin deeper solves the mystery all while falling in love with the oh so handsome and charming Jaz…but this is Kelley Armstrong we’re talking about, nothing is simple. There’s some lunatic about making the mystery more enigmatic and even worse Karl Marsten the mutt turned pack wolf is back and sniffing around, complicating things with Jaz.

Again the struggle Hope has with her desire for chaos makes for an interesting read. Most people would be upset at murder scenes, but not Hope. It feeds her and loves the way it feels but at the same time these urges for chaos disturb her and eventually this leads her into trouble, but can she get herself out of it?

I think the twists in this really do sneak up unannounced. The fact that Jaz is actually some psycho, stalker killer is something I didn’t see coming until the last minute and he’s actually a little bit creepy.


This was the book that made me realise how brilliant the end of this series was going to be. It made me realise that there was a reason Armstrong introduced so many narrators all with their own abilities, they each have the own part to play in the finale and it makes me shiver thinking about it, thinking about how epic the end will be. I can’t even remember what it is that made me realise it, but it was something Hope said towards the end. yet it really set the atmosphere and it has been from this book that I started waiting for 13. I have never anticipated the end of something so much.

Like I said before the twist is difficult to see and this makes the ending truly amazing. Hope is a wonderful character and the stuff she has to deal with seems overwhelming but she takes it in her stride.

The story is good and easy to read and the fact that you actually come to like a bad guy leaves you confused and that adds to the tale.

There are some people who think the Otherworld books can be stand alone, but I wholeheartedly disagree. You need the history and the other characters, you need to know the other plots and the way characters have suffered. It’s a whole world to explore and just because there are different characters in each book doesn’t mean you can skip some. It all links up. You wouldn’t start Harry Potter with the Order of the Phoenix.

This is a great book and if you’ve read them all in order there’s every chance you’ll feel what I felt at the end.


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