A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld No Humans Involved Review

A new book brings along a new narrator. Although this is the first time Jaime Vegas plays th le of main character she has cropped up in past books. Despite coming across as a bit of a clutz and tending to be more like Paige than Elena or Eve, she grows to be quite loveable.

Somehow she’s managed to grow quite close to the pack (who really aren’t known for their love of strangers) as well as to Savannah. However this time round Jamie has to depend on her own wits to survive the adventures ahead.


She’s a necromancer who makes a living pretending to be able to talk to the dead, and her renown has le her to be invited to the most anticipated live event of the year. She, along with two other spiritualists (these two really are fake) have been given the task of raiding the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. Yet, in true Otherworld fashion it’s never that simple, for Jaime knows that the house they are working in is really haunted by something more menacing than a movie star.

As such she calls in the cavalry, Jeremy Danvers, Hope Adams and even Eve Levine, to help solve the enigma. Jeremy acts sort of as her bodyguard (which creates a prime situation for their romance to continue blossoming), Eve searches high and low in the afterlife for some information about these strange ghosts and Hope uses her powers as a Chaos half-demon to try and discover the source of all this trouble.

Of course the latter is struggling with her half-demon side, she can sense chaos but she feeds off of it, instead of being horrified by murders and grisly scenes she gets a thrill of excitement. It adds an element of mistrust between her and some other characters, yet despite her attraction to chaos she tries to help and is disgusted with that side of herself. *SPOILERS OVER*

But Jaime is the star of the show, used to being attacked or kidnapped and rescued by others this book is a real journey for her. She takes everything into her own hands and, while others help, she actually manages to get herself out of trouble.

The interaction between characters is good, one of the things I love about this series is that each of the narrators interact with each other and have cameos in different stories, it makes it more complex and real. Jaime having the power that she has, means that we get to see more of other characters that we might not otherwise get to see. The Otherworld is like an intricate puzzle with regards to the characters. In order for one to appear another has to come before, which makes the looming final book more exciting because there’s the promise that they’re all going to turn up. Instead of bits of the puzzle we will get to see the complete picture.

It’s another good book in Armstrong’s port folio, however it doesn’t have as much of the brilliance as Bitten and Haunted did. But really don’t let that put you off, it’s still great with an awesome character.


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