A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Broken Review

Yay, Elena is back!

It doesn’t matter how amazing Paige and Eve were there is just no replacing the awesomeness that is the unique, witty werewolf and her socially inept and clueless partner.

Yet this time forget rogue werewolves and humans that think they can harness the supernatural for their own gain. This time Elena, Clay and the rest of the pack have to deal with Jack the Ripper.

Elena is asked to steal Ripper’s ‘From Hell’ letter from a guy who stole it from the British Police files, yet in doing so the feisty she-wolf unwittingly opens a portal to Victorian London.

First of all it is utterly refreshing to have Elena back in the driver’s seat. I hadn’t realised how much I missed her until I began reading this book. I have no idea if it’s a case of her being the first character or if she is actually the most amazing one in the series (although I prefer to think it’s the latter but there really is something with Elena that all the other narrators lack.

Anyway, onto the story sooo……..*SPOILERS*

This one book changes the future for Elena and Clay in more than one way. Zombies are filing through the newly opened portal terrorising Toronto with their shambolic attacks as well as their overpowering stench. On one such attack Clay is injured and soon the muscle of his wounded arm begins to decay, infected by the zombie. This affects his ability to fight and of course this frustrates him. Yet in this instalment he has more reason to assert his alpha-male dominance, his partner, Elena, is pregnant.

This makes for an interesting plot twist. Not only are they both conscious of Elena’s enlarged belly and determined to keep their unborn child safe (well chidren since it’s twins), but Elena herself has her own worries. She’s worried that her being a werewolf will affect them, she’s scared t change into her wolf form in case it damages them in some way, she dreams that she goes into labour in her wolf form and give birth to cubs. This psychology adds a new depth to the story and although we already know Elena very well, there are still things we’re getting to know about her. *SPOILERS OVER*

Another great plot from this amazing author. As per usual it’s full of twists and even now, in my half-tired stare with it being over a year since I last read it, I can’t remember how it ends. Well I vaguely can but I can’t remember who the villain is behind the portal. But I do remember that this book is amazing. It left an impact on me and it’s taking all my restraint not to pick it up and read it now.

It has all the Armstrong trademarks, witty, clever, well thought out, and once again it sets some stuff up for future stories, which is another thing she’s good at. Even though this is the third Elena book it doesn;t feel like anything is being repeated, anything we learn about her is new and with the added stress a whole new dimension (not a hell one) is added to her character.

Whether you love history or not this book is amazing, it only draws on some historic elements and doesn’t focus entirely on it. Another Armstrong standout.


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