A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otheworld Industrial Magic Review

We’re on step four of the twelve-stage goodbye, which brings us to Industrial Magic.

We say hi once again to Paige Winterbourne…………


…..and she’s not as perky as she once was. The Coven have cast her out (she was obviously just too exciting for those boring witches) and she copes with it by hiding away under her duvet. Yet, as is always the way, something magical this way comes and Paige is thrust once again out into the world and finds herself hunting a supernatural murderer, along with Lucas Cortez and Savannah Levine (gee talk about responsible parenting).

They’re all whisked into adventure when someone starts killing the children of cabal employees and not only does Paige find herself facing danger and death at every turn but also the Cortez family, for the most part a bunch of sorcerers with an unadulterated hate for witches (except for Lucas’ father who’s not only the head of the Cortez cabal but actually doesn’t mind his son being with a witch).

As the murders grow in number the more the tension between opposing cabals increases and Paige and Lucas are stuck in the middle. In order to protect Savannah they call in the fanged and furry cavalry (Elena and the werewolf pack) Jaime the necromancer who makes a living pretending she can talk to the dead and together they uncover secrets that may lead to the capture of the killer.


Again, this a perfect showcase of Armstrong’s skill as writer, while it might not be one of the most memorable books in the saga it does bring into it some memorable characters, chief among them being Benicio Cortez. They guy is so damn cheeky and manipulative that you love and loath him at the same time. He does his best to wrap Paige and Lucas round his little finger and sometimes they can’t avoid it. Lucas is his favourite son, despite him being the youngest son and also illegitimate, and if he was able Benicio would pas the company onto him.

I don’t much remember this instalment (merely because I haven’t read it in a while) but I remember that when Elena and Clay turned up I was very pleased. It had been too long since they had popped up and they’re the two best characters in the series.

The plot is pretty awesome, it’s complex but easy to read, the perfect combination. Armstrong also sets up a future story in this one (this forethought is yet another thing to applaud the author for). The twists are cleverly hidden and not easy to guess which makes it that much more of a satisfying tale.

Industrial Magic is another display of Kelley Armstrong’s mastery over story telling and, like the other books before it, it leaves you wanting more. The only problem is, after we’ve managed to grow fond of Paige this is her last appearance as a main narrator and therefore you’d best read yourself to get to know someone else.



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