A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Dime Store Magic Review

Review number three of the Fond Farewell Posts and we’ve come to Dime Store Magic, the first novel to have Paige Winterbourne as its narrator.

Plot Spoilers

Nine months after the events of Stolen Paige has taken custody of Savannah the teenage witch (see what I did there) yet life never seems I be so easy. The Coven, a group of witches who are basically scared of their own powers, continually complain about Paige’s new ward. They just want a quiet life and Savannah is anything but.

It seems like the Coven’s prayers are about to be answered when a custody suit has been filed by Leah O’Donnell, the telekinetic half demon from the compound. She’s working on behalf of Kristof Nast, Savannah’s Sorcerer father.

Together they start playing dirty tricks on Paige and threatening to expose the Coven to the human world, yet Paige refuses to step down and protects Savannah no matter the cost along with Lucas Cortez, a lawyer taking on their case pro bono.

After the amazing first two novels this one is a little bit slow, only because as a reader you have to get used to a new character and Paige is about as opposite to Elena as you can get. Where Elena doesn’t care about all the stereotypical girl stuff, Paige does.

But don’t worry, as time goes on (and it’s not even that much time) you warm up to her and realise that she actually isn’t that bad. She’s witty, she’s still naive but this is good evaluate you get to grow up with her as she makes big decisions and revelations in her life.

Her relationship with Savannah is rocky. Paige herself is pretty young yet she has had the responsibility of looking after a teenager thrust upon her and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

This is a perfect introduction into the rest of the supernatural world. while it may have been first mentioned in Stolen the werewolves were still the main focus but now the reader is following a witch who is not just different in personality from Elena, but also in abilities. She’s not as strong and while she has a few spells up her sleeve the Coven have taken it upon themselves to hide any that could be potentially harmful because of their desire to keep out of trouble.

This is where Lucas Cortez comes in handy *SPOILERS* since he’s a sorcerer he comes with an arsenal of more offensive and more powerful magic and plays a key role in keeping everyone safe, he’s also hard not to take a liking to. He might be all serious and come with his fair amount of baggage but when Paige starts to fall for him (which is taboo since witches and sorcerers are supposed to be mortal enemies) it’s not really that surprising. *SPOILERS OVER*

Anyway, overall this is a brilliant book (aren’t they all?) which hooks you from the very beginning and keeps you in its relentless grip until the very end. Armstrong proves that she can create more than one fantastic character and while keeping the writing and humour of the same quality as her previous books, she can also keep the characters completely different and Paige makes an impact all of her own.


2 responses to “A Fond Farewell to the Women of the Otherworld Dime Store Magic Review

  • beckyday6

    Skipped about half the review because of spoiler signs etc but read the middle bit. Certainly sounds intriguing! I really liked Elena, so I’m not sure how I will handle the switch in characters, I hope I will like them too. 🙂

    That’s also why I haven’t read the Gathering yet because it’s different characters, and while I’m sure I will love them too I really wanted to find out what happened to the other guys from the first 3 books! I will probably wait until the new characters are finished and then read all of those at once. Then I’ll probably get annoyed when she switches back to the originals because I’ll want to know what happens to the new ones! Lol. Damn her awesome writing!

    • Summer Grant

      Glad those signs are working 😛 Do not worry, when I started reading this one the first time round I was so pissed off that Pige was narrating not Elena, but she won me over and I actually quite like her, she’s not that bad and has grown upa bit so she’s not annoying as she was!

      Ahhh, I loved The Gathering, it’s such an amazing book, but yeah, stick with that idea because the second one wasn’t so good and it’ll probably be better in the context of the entire story. Haha, her writing is pretty awesome! I’m sad this series is coming to an end but at least there’s all the other stuff she’s working on! 😀

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