Yesterday was Totally Awesome!

Yesterday was my birthday.

I bet you can’t guess where I went.

Ok, that’s a lie. You probably know exactly where.

Yeah, that’s right, I went back for the third time. But as a Potterhead there’s no other way I would want to celebrate the day other than in the Wizarding World!

This time I went with friends and family and we had an awesome time together. They even spoke to the tour guides to arrange something and I got called forward to open the doors to the Great Hall!!!!! That’s like every Potterheads dream (I shall put a photo up later if there’s a good one). I felt guilty afterwards though, my friends heard a little girl say ‘oh, I wish it was my birthday.’

The staff was also really kind there, they kept saying happy birthday whenever I walked past.

I always love it there, no matter how many times I might go in my life it’s pretty magical. Also I seem to have started a chocolate frog card collection (by accident I promise) so I need to go back and get more chocolate frogs!

I also came away with a lot of Harry Potter merchandise, to add to my already flourishing collection. Sometimes I feel kind of like I should grow up, but then you can never be too old for Harry Potter! (Just nod and agree with me).

Again, I urge people to go, you’ll love it there, honestly! It’s not just about the world of Potter but also the world of film!


2 responses to “Yesterday was Totally Awesome!

  • beckyday6

    I totally knew what the picture was going to be before I scrolled down! LOL. I’m so glad you had a great time, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY 🙂 I definitely want to see that pic of you opening the door to the Great Hall, that is so cool!!!!
    I can’t wait to go myself, although it may be a while until I do, I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

    • Summer Grant

      Hahaha! See, told you you’d know exactly where 😛 Thank you very much! 😀 I’ll have to get it off my friend when he’s uploaded the photos.

      Ahhh, I hope you’ll love it. It really is a brilliant place to go, you never know, they might add some new stff before you’ll go so there’ll be even more for you to enjoy!!

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